Saturday, Oct 5th

      16:00 – 20:00 Afternoon Milonga
          DJ: Yolanda Etxauri - Bilbao
      22:30 – 05:00 Milonga
         DJ: Joseba Pagola - Andoain

Sunday, Oct 6th

      14:00 – 19:00 Farewell Milonga with lunch.
         DJ: Napoleón – Burgos
  Lunch will be a buffet, just at the beginning of the milonga.


All milongas will take place at Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza. This four-stars hotel has a spacious lounge of 400 m2 with wooden floor where we can enjoy the natural light in the afternoon milonga. The hotel has 39 rooms and a spa with mineral-medicinal waters from the source of Muera – Arbieto, for the care of its visitors.

Here you can watch his promotional video:

Registration process

1.- Send an email to, with the subject "X Anniversary" including the following information:

       Name and surname:
       Garúa member: yes /no
       Facebook: (to include you in the group of participants)

    If the registration is for a couple, please include the same information for your partner.

2.- Once Garúa has received the email with the information of the interested participants, it will respond, also by email, indicating their acceptance in the event and the bank account number where you must send the amount corresponding to the event.

3.- The deposit in the Garúa bank account must be made within 10 days.

4.- If you decide to stay at the hotel where the event is held, please contact directly with it: Hotel Orduña Plaza, telephone +34 945 5690 38. The entire process of reservation of rooms and their payment, as well as the use of other complementary services such as the Spa will be made directly with the hotel.

Registration criteria

Couple registrations will be accepted directly until the capacity of the local is full.
Individual registrations can also be made, but in that case and to avoid a great disparity between roles, Garúa will match the participants in pairs, in order of application.



Orduña is a city located in a natural landscape of great beauty that can be enjoyed by those who find the time to appreciate it more thoroughly.

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